Day 1, Part 1

We decided to start this blog to document Liza’s journey.  We recently learned that our approximately 10 year old beloved dog, Liza, has cancer.  When sitting in that appointment and hearing our options, I think I stopped breathing after hearing the word “amputation” as being a possible way to save her life.  It has been a process to wrap our minds around the idea of that being the best thing for her, but is ultimately what we had to do.

The thinking for a blog stemmed from the overwhelming (but in a good way!) number of people who regularly asked how she’s doing and requested updates.  Then I started to think of all other the reasons it would be a good idea and the amount of lessons this has the potential to teach us.

  1. Every single person I have spoken to that has gone through this has stressed how much harder this is for humans than it is for a dog.  In fact, dogs just simply don’t care.  She will not miss her leg.  They are not logical in thinking of how different their life will be.  That’s one of the reasons we love animals and want them in our lives.  They don’t think like us, and thank god for it.
  2. Everyone who knows those close to Liza are aware of how important she is in our lives.  It’s not easy to get close to Liza, since she can be a bit particular in who she chooses to like (another great life lesson, folks).  She came from a crummy situation before we met, and while it takes her a little while to warm up to people, once she does there is nothing but love.
  3. I want to have these memories.  I wish I started documenting her journey with us back on May 3, 2008 when we met and it was love at first sight.  Since that day, Liza has provided me with many life lessons on forgiveness, trust, loyalty, and unconditional love.  When she comes home and has one less leg to live her life with, I want to remember how amazed we all were by her resilience and natural ability to go through life without the fear of the next chapter.  All she cares about is the love she receives.  And chicken.
  4. Lastly, I want everyone else to be as impressed and inspired by this diva as I have been in her life to date.  I have no doubt that she has a lot left to teach us.


So that’s the Why.  Moving onto today and the initial reason for beginning this page.


We dropped her off this morning and I was admittedly a mess for many reasons.  Aside from the surgical worries, I am devastated that she has to spend time in a place she hates and away from her home.  But when the surgical technician came to get her from me, Liza went right with her!  For those who know Liza, you are well aware that this is not typical.  We’re talking about the same dog that needs sedation to have her nails trimmed.

While still devastated, I left the office feeling like Liza knows what’s up.  I promised her 9 years ago that I would always take care of her, and by dropping her off today I was doing exactly that.

And, of course, I left her with chicken.


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