Day who even knows anymore. 

We picked up Liza last night and it was a very happy moment. So much so that I forgot to even be upset or nervous about her not having a leg. She was so thrilled to see us and couldn’t wait to go home. On the way out of the vet she was going so fast pulling me down the ramp that I couldn’t keep up! 

That joy only lasted so long. Last night was incredibly long and agonizing. She just cried all night. So many calls to the vet later, we determined something I’ve known since I named her Liza…she’s a diva. 

It’s impossible to determine what is “normal” in this situation. Was she in pain, uncomfortable, or just annoyed?  Based on her very healthy appetite and list of meds, we were pretty much able to rule out pain. 

We concluded, with the help of the 24 hour doctor team, that she is just very anxious. Once she saw me and came home she probably thought everything would just go back to normal. Her normal is heading upstairs to bed around 8:00. Or snoring on her own loveseat while we watch TV. She can’t do any of these things, and believe me, it’s not for a lack of trying. Every time I had to divert her attempts to go upstairs or jump on the couch, she went to her floor blankets and just cried more. Again…diva. So we slept on the floor together. Lined with mats and blankets. And by slept I mean we closed our eyes for an hour. 

Today is a new day though. She has had visitors and is even greeting them at the door! She loves the extra love and attention and when it gets quiet is when she starts to whimper. 

But this seriously sucks.  There’s no better word. Not only is she dealing with having one less leg, but she has a huge cast on her “good” leg that is making it impossible for her to get comfortable, is chafing her skin, and weighing her down when she tries to walk. So unfair for her. 

She has made a lot of progress since last night and needs a lot less assistance in getting up and down.  The only think I’m helping her with now is going out to the bathroom. That’s a strange position to get up from! 

 She gets her bandage changes tomorrow and (hopefully) that awful leg cast off. Until then it’s just a lot of love, new toys, and even a get well plant! 


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