Day 4

Did someone say steak tonight?!

Liza got one of her bandages off today! Not the one we were hoping for to free her leg, but it’s better to keep it on to ward off possible infection for a little longer. We are able to take all bandages off on Thursday at home to avoid another visit. Her amputation incision looks great. Well…as great as it can. We prepared ourselves by looking at pictures online of what it could be, but her surgeon is some kind of twisted artist with that work. 

This tshirt she currently has to wear is not nearly as fashionable as the ones she has in her future. Expect far more pics when that time comes. 

For now, we are doing ok! Incredibly sleep deprived but it’s all worth it when we see her get stronger and stronger. 

Last night there was no whimpering or crying. Instead someone decided that 2am was a great time to practice her walking. Liza walked laps around the house for quite some time! I couldn’t even be frustrated because every time she walked around she went a little further before having to rest! I’m almost positive she was trying to devise a way to sneak by me to get upstairs but either way, this girl is so impressive. 

At one point I just laughed hysterically and wish I had a picture. Liza was walking in front, I was behind her to make sure she didn’t fall, Chat (black cat) was a few steps behind me and Leyla was behind him. We had the equivalent of a dysfunctional exhausted parade. 

I don’t have the highest hopes for sleep tonight since she was sedated half of the afternoon and sleeping it off the rest.  It’s all good though, that’s what coffee is for! 


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