2 Days, 1 post, a whole lot of progress!

I’m behind a day in updating, but certainly not due to lack of adventures!

Yesterday started with a text saying that Liza, having been left alone for probably a minute and a half, managed to climb up the flight of stairs and jump onto the bed-her happy place.  My reaction was twofold.

First- Oh god…she pulled her stitches.  What if she fell and is injured? What the hell was she thinking?!

Second- I’m so proud!

After she eventually got off the bed, she decided to go check things out in the craft room when she heard a car pull in.  So there’s this…


She is incredibly determined, that’s how I know she is going to be just fine.

Then, she was pretty disgruntled when she was brought back downstairs.  We know she was angry because her ears are often more expressive than her tail.  When one ear flops down like this, you know you’re in trouble.


Then, last night, a miracle happened.  WE SLEPT!  We both managed to sleep (in the living room) for about 6 hours!  Of course, I was happy that I finally got some rest myself, but I was most excited that she was finally resting instead of fighting it.

Today is another great day!  She decided to stop eating yesterday though.  She wouldn’t take any food, even bacon!!  For a little while today I was concerned that this was not a good thing.  The vet recommended getting canned chicken.  After my initial offense to the fact that the vet thought that Liza would prefer chicken in a damn can to my organic homemade cooking, I decided to get some from the store on my way home.  She cleaned the bowl.  I’m offended.  But she ate, so there’s that.  Now I’m going to go from not even knowing where to find canned chicken to buying half the aisle.  At checkout I even mentioned it was for my dog because in my proud homecook mind, the lady was judging me.

Today she also got a chance to do one of her favorite things.

Being a sun-bum is pretty much what her life revolves around (next to canned chicken now, ugh).

So glad that she’s starting to get some “normal” back into her life.  In my attempt to truly think like a dog, I’ve concluded that she probably doesn’t even notice she doesn’t have a leg.  The things that bother her, I think, are the that her leg that is there feels and looks weird, she can’t do her normal routine, and the meds make her feel funny.

Tomorrow two of those things will go away.  She is done with one of the medications and we can take the bandage off.  Here’s to hoping everything looks good, that she remains pain-free, and once the bandages come off that she likes the adorable 1-armed tshirts my mother made for her to avoid the cone of shame.


Meanwhile, I’m making ground beef, steak, eggs, and salmon because I’m now on a mission to win my way past the canned chicken to Liza’s belly.


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