A few days

We haven’t posted an update in a little while because it’s been a very busy few days!

All in all, she is doing quite well.  Have made some big improvements!

To say that I have been worried would be an understatement.  I have no idea how people with kids do this.  I watch over every move she makes and obsess over “normal.”  But, then again, I like animals more so maybe a kid wouldn’t be so bad!  (Kidding. Kind of.)

One of the things I’ve been worried about is the amount that she just wants to sleep and has minimal interest in moving around.  I get that she had two major surgeries and is on pain medications, but it just makes me crazy to see her like this.  It’s certainly better than seeing her agitated and in pain, but I just have a hard time convincing myself she’s ok.

Then there’s the eating thing.  She still isn’t interested in food unless I puree chicken and hand feed it to her, which has been enough to turn me back into a vegetarian for the time being.

And a primary reason I am concerned is that she suddenly likes people!  Again, it may be the sedatives, but I may take advantage of this and get her used to being around more people.

Last night we had about 30 people at our house for my Dad’s 60th surprise party.  I set her up with her blankets and bed in our sun room with a baby gate up so she can see what is going on.  Typically when we have parties she stays in our bedroom because she doesn’t always play well with others and it’s less stressful for her.

Not last night!  She welcomed visitors and the extra love everyone had to give.  My favorite moment was when she had to go outside and she walked (hopped) across the living room and everyone cheered!  After she came back in she hung out on the couch, that she jumped up to just fine, with all the company and enjoyed all of the extra love.

She’s really milking this…

Moving on to this morning.  When I woke up and went to see her she happily got up on her own and wanted to start the day! I took advantage of this again and we went outside and, WENT FOR A WALK! I decided to let her just guide me but when I said “walk” the ears perked, the tail wagged, and we were off down the driveway!  We ran across the street and had a blast sniffing and walking up and down the sidewalk.  And when I say ran, I really mean ran!  For a while, we were going at a pretty typical pace for our walks.  And then I cried in the middle of the sidewalk when her tail was up and wagging, because it’s what I do these days.

Now if I could only get her to help me with the post party clean-up, we will be golden.


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