Another day

We are having a pretty uphill recovery more comparable to a steep mountain climb, but there is light in this tunnel.

I know that every dog is different, and Liza is certainly a special dog.  This has just been a rough ride for this little girl.

Beginning with the GOOD news, since I haven’t posted in a few days.  (Sorry, it turns out that running an animal rehab is far more work than I imagined.)

Liza’s work came back from the lab.  It is official that we are CANCER FREE! Now, there is a slim chance of metastasis with her grade cancer, but there is no evidence in her x-rays or ultrasounds that there is anything else in her body.  All we can do is stay positive and focus on making the best of every day.

This process has taught me a lot so far, but mostly these two things:

  1.  You can only fix the problems you see in front of you.
  2. There’s no use in worrying about the things you can’t control.

She does, however, have an infection from the incision on her existing front leg.  This has made her feel yucky on top of learning how to live life with 3 legs.  Additionally, the stupid pink bandage is back.  I always hated pink.  She has little to no appetite still, BUT thanks to the doggie care package my Auntie Kate sent, she actually took a treat today!  This has been her first time showing a willing interest in food or treats in 2 weeks.  Needless to say I gave her many.  While we were on an eating roll, we also managed to down a whole bowl of chicken and broth!

On that note, I want to extend an extra huge THANK YOU from Liza and us for peoples’ kindness and gifts.  Liza has received more packages and mail at our house than I think I ever have.  From floor mats to raised bowls and blankets, to treat/toy boxes, it has all been greatly appreciated.  In addition, to everyone who has offered things and ask about our progress on a daily basis, you have all made this a tiny bit easier.  I will do anything under the sun for this little girl as long as it gives her the best life possible, and you have played a big part in that.  THANK YOU!!


Liza would like me to ask you to disregard her awfully shaved fur.  As a diva, she knows she has an image to uphold, but she cannot be held responsible for doctors who get a little too excited with the clippers.


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