Hopping along 

Not the greatest video but I haven’t posted anything of her walking yet! Her walking gets better every day now that her bandage came off. 

She’s still fighting the infection but slowly things are getting back to normal life. 

There were little things for a while that broke my heart and killed my spirits. Things like seeing her tail down or her not coming from wherever she is in the house to greet us when we come home, even if we are going for 5 minutes. 

1 of these things is back. She has been greeting us when we come home. I just have to get used to going slower so she has a chance to fully get to me before I run to her. 

Now we need to get that tail back up! Visitors have helped.  So have the words “ride” and “margarita.”  The margarita thing is another post for another day, but it’s just about her favorite word ever. We don’t know why but swear she has never tasted a margarita. Please don’t call DDF. 

So I think today we will take rides in the car to go run errands and go visit grandma and grandpa. 

Something else we are super excited about is school! I know I just started spring break today, but I just signed Liza up for our next level of school at the amazing Our Companions! (Shout out to her teachers who read this!)  we start again May 10th. 

Have an amazing weekend to all my two, four, and three legged friends! 


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