Vacation time! 

Since I’ve been on vacation this week, we thought it would be a great time to get a ton of stuff done!  Liza, however, is not on board with the productivity. She prefers being her sun bum self while she watches all of us around her work. This is not a recover post surgery phenomenon. This is diva life. 

She has even grown accustomed to having her bed outside while we work around her. Thanks to grandma and grandpa for starting that trend. 

Overall she is doing well. She will be 3 weeks post amputation tomorrow. I can’t tell if it feels like yesterday or if it feels like a lifetime ago. 

I have been told by many to not try and rush this recovery process, but it’s really hard for me to see her just so BLAH all the time. Don’t get me wrong, she was never an active dog on 4 legs, but she got her spurts of energy. She has no interest in playing with me for the 5 minutes a day that used to happen. She’s still not thrilled by food yet but we are getting there. Overall she just does a lot of sleeping. I guess days of sunbathing are tiring. I wouldn’t know…I just keep working around her! 

Two of the things she is most excited about are rides in the car and walks. If I say either of those words, regardless of how loud she is currently snoring with her tongue out, she will hop up. 

So today when we got home from grandma and grandpa’s house I said “Liza if you’re going to just sleep I’m going to at least make sure you do something to warrant you being so tired!” 

Then we walked up and down the street where I took this video. 

I mean, seriously, could this hop be any cuter?! A jog was not my intention in a maxi dress and sandals, but at her pace it’s what we ended up doing. 

Needless to say she is now back to snoring even louder, but tonight I’m a much happier momma. Now if she would only help rake some damn leaves!


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