Just another normal day on 3 legs

We have started to learn that while living life with one less leg may seem like a struggle it has some perks. 

1.  The leash doesn’t get tangled under any legs when we go on walks. 

2. The hip motion we have mastered has got to do great things for the core. She’s on her way to a 6 pack for sure. 

3. People give her lots of support and attention. There have been multiple beeps as we walk down our street. I used to think these beeps were for me (💁) but then when I look people are clapping and cheering (🤦‍♀️). They are most certainly for Liza. 

4. We get to educate and hopefully inspire other people and pups to truly recognize what we are capable of. Aside from the cheering the other common reaction we get has been “aww, that poor dog only has 3 legs.” To which my response has been “Yeah, but she doesn’t have cancer and is loving life, so all is good.” 

5. We get great food. Our dinners and have turned into home cooked meals and our breakfasts are leftover Easter eggs. The Easter eggs may not stick around but the home cooking will. We have been doing a lot of research on diets for pups with cancer and it turns out we are in the right track. All along I thought Liza was a diva for only wanting chicken, when all along she just must know it’s good for her. 

All in all, life is looking pretty darn good. All her mommas are also starting to relax a bit knowing that we made the right decision for our little girl. 

Oh, and today we walked a whole mile! Dr. called today to see how she was doing and while I had her on the phone I asked, “how far should we be going on our walks?” And she responded “as long as her heart desires.”  

Today I truly couldn’t keep up! She was going at a jogging pace and I was not at all prepared in my Birkenstock sandals. 

Now it’s dinner time. Please excuse me while I go plate her meal. 

Meanwhile, I have no idea what I’m eating for dinner tonight. 


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