Celebrity Status


I will finally say that Liza is back to 100%.  I swear, I never thought this would happen.  Even less than a week ago, she wasn’t so much reacting to any of her favorite words (eat, chicken, walk, ride, and toy).  She would only respond to “margarita” when Elizabeth and I simply can’t deliver on that one for obvious reasons.

Now…we LOVE walks!  AND eating, AND rides, AND LIFE!


I ask that you please ignore the fact that the cat just pooped in the dining room before this video.  It is now clean.  Cats…

But seriously, Liza has become a local neighborhood celebrity!  We can’t go 10 feet without someone stopping us.  They stay at a distance because I’m still not sure she loves strangers as much as her momma does.  They ask questions and look at her in awe when I tell her when her amputation was just 4 weeks ago.  She. loves. it.

She’s seriously living up to her diva status name.

Yesterday she even brought me her toy when I came home from work.  I gladly took that stuffed frog and cherished it for many minutes.  I’m basking in this newfound energy and pizzazz for life.

Next step…we signed up for our next level of classes and begin May 10th!  We are counting down the days until Liza receives her doctorate.

Because, as we know, Liza is just that fabulous.



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